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Translating good intentions into appropriate skills and behaviours

We deliver a range of bespoke training programmes to equip participants
with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to increase personal and
organizational effectiveness. 
These include

•    Unconscious Bias training for managers

•    Unconscious processes affecting learning in diverse classrooms [Eliminating attainment gaps]

•    Diversity/Inclusion training for managers and non-managerial staff

•    Interactive Diversity/Inclusion workshops with actors

•    Training of trainers: Diversity/Inclusion training for in-house trainers

•    Fair recruitment: Courses for recruiters and interviewers

•    The management of social and cultural diversity in the workplace

•    Team building: dealing with gender and cultural differences

•    Dealing with Harassment and Bullying

•    Courses for Harassment Advisors/Counsellors

•    How to investigate Diversity/Equality complaints: Training of investigators

•    Managing social & cultural diversity in the school or college

•    Fair Assessment: Courses for examiners and performance assessors

•    Customer service in a multicultural marketplace

•    "Positive action” training courses for under-represented groups

•    Management and leadership development programmes

•    Training of Mentors for organizational and community settings

Please contact us to discuss the most appropriate training solutions for your needs.

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