"Think, Act, Report”
Government’s voluntary gender equality programme

Workforce monitoring is one way of helping to make sure your
equality policy and equality training are having an effect.”

Equality & Human rights Commission

“What gets measured gets done.”

 We have helped a variety of organizations to asses the extent to which
Diversity, Inclusion and Equality of Opportunity are being achieved.



•    Review of Human Resources policies and practice

•    Evaluation and Diversity/Equality proofing of selection and appraisal procedures

•    Diversity/Equality proofing of performance management systems

•    Organizational Cultural Audits: Evaluation of Diversity and Inclusion

•    Diversity/Equality Impact Assessments, Analyses and Audits

•    Identification of barriers to equality of opportunity in staff development

•    Diversity/Equality monitoring – existing staff, recruitment and other procedures

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For several organizations, we have investigated specific complaints of dIscrimination by employees, reporting to senior management or providing expert evidence to employment tribunals.

•    Independent investigation of complaints and allegations of discrimination

•    Advice to in-house investigators

•    Mediation, conciliation and team-building in relation to or in the aftermath of complaints.

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