Diversity/Equality publications include:

• “Race” as a Factor in the Stephen Lawrence Case Report to the Inquiry into matters arising from the death of Stephen Lawrence

• Gaining from Diversity/Tirons Parti de la Difference, EBNSC: Brussels. Research on strategies to promote greater integration of immigrant and minority ethnic communities in economic development and business activities across the European Union, published by an international network of businesses.
[with Minority Policy Group]
• A Positive Mentor Attitude. CRE/NMC: London (1997) An evaluation of the National Mentoring Consortium Scheme for ethnic minority students for the Commission for Racial Equality

• The Cement Roof: African-Caribbean people in management, Published by the Wainwright Trust, is a summary report of a study of quantitative and qualitative data on the representation of African-Caribbean people and other ethnic minorities in management in Britain, making recommendations for future action.

• Managing Diversity: A training programme on the effective selection and management of male and female staff from diverse backgrounds. The Stationery Office: London

Women and Business: Follow My Leader to accompany BBC TV series Great Expectations
BBC Education
Documentary written and presented by Dr Marie Stewart

• Equality Code for Chambers, First Edition

General Council of the Bar of England & Wales

• The Education of Ethnic Minority Children in the UK
, a supplement published by The Voice newspaper

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